Zika: Let's Stop a Global Pandemic
My articles and some education products I designed to help fight the Zika virus based on scientific data (not mainstream media). 

I am more geared to prevention rather than a vaccine (at this point) since I feel strongly we need to mitigate the spread of the Zika virus right now. 

In reality, a vaccine will not be ready for about 10 years.
It's Willful Negligence to NOT Test for Wolbachia Genes in Blood - InfoBarrel
Anyone associated with the WHO (World Health Organization), NIH (U.S. National institutes of Health), or who relies on funding from Bill and Melinda Gates has no business being employed (in any capacity) to protect human health. The WHO endorsed the use of Wolbachia-infected Aedes even after it was detected in a human (without the nematode).
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Zika: Let's Stop a Global Pandemic Collection
A collection of products that will help fund ethical Zika research. Banner image: Map of the predicted distribution of Aedes aegypti in 2015 [Public Domain]. Culex mosquito ranges were hand-drawn by me, RoseWrites, on October 13th, 2016. [Kindly ask me about reuse of this image].
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The Link Between Uveal Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin's B-Cell Lymphoma, and Wolbachia - InfoBarrel
I am still baffled that no one appears willing (in North America) to conduct a a broad range PCR screen for infection by Rickettsiales (Wolbachia genes detected in blood) before determining that a patient has uveal melanoma or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We have documented proof of a patient who recovered from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (in 2015) once his Wolbachia infection was treated.
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Wolbachia-Infected Aedes: An Ill-Fated Experiment in French Polynesia - InfoBarrel
Scientists are getting closer to pinpointing precisely what made Zika such a devastating neurological disease. And the latest findings, just this week, seem to confirm my worst fear: Zika is behaving like a bacteriophage, most likely within the Culex species of mosquitoes.
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Adelie Penguin Chick Deaths: Wolbachia-Infected Aedes Is More Likely Than Climate Change - InfoBarrel
News that only two Adélie penguin chicks (from a colony of 40,000) in Antarctica survived breeding season had me on high alert. Yet the narrative (in mainstream media) was already set: changing weather forced parents to travel further in search of food because of changing climate.
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Uveal Melanoma and/or Lymphoma? R/O Rickettsiales (Wolbachia) - InfoBarrel
I am increasingly becoming unnerved and alarmed by the striking correlations between Wolbachia-infected Aedes releases and life-threatening symptoms in young people. Even though the media isn't covering it, Culex spp. are Zika vectors. And in two of those Culex types - when they naturally acquired Wolbachia - became better vectors of West Nile virus and malaria.
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I'll Donate When by RoseWrites T-Shirt
Some organizations (not all) claim to be dedicated to saving endangered species but do not disclose what exactly that entails. Yet, they continually ask for our money. Well, I've decided that I will no longer donate UNTIL I hear that ALL tests are conducted on these precious mammals (in a timely fashion).
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Test North Atlantic Right Whales for WNV, SLEV, ZIKV and Wolbachia - InfoBarrel
What I predicted in 2016 appears to be coming true, unfortunately. I believe North Atlantic right whales are suffering from Zika infections along with Wolbachia infections via their food supply. Calanus finmarchicus (Cal fin) comprises 1/3 Aedes aegypti. And krill also contains both Aedes aegypti and Culex (both Zika vectors).
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CDC Willing to Spend $806,000 on Cartoon (Instead of Zika Research) - InfoBarrel
Soon the leaders of the WHO, CDC, and Health Canada will be resigning. And I'm not surprised. The evidence they have been ignoring from the scientific community for over a year should be causing them great unrest. The public has only been told half-truths and have not been given all of the information you deserve.
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